PROGRESS TAPES is a dynamically developing company built on the values, we believe and  demonstrate: quality and reliability.
We cooperate  with leading manufacturers of adhesive materials.We are the representative of Italian  manufacturer of protective films  Naster srl. We offer high quality products to our customers.
We provide the highest quality films and  tapes and an array of adhesive materials to our customers from a variety of business branches, including construction, electronics, automotive industries.
We supply both retail and wholesale customers from all over Europe with a wide variety of adhesive products.
  • With our own storehouse,
  • taping expertise,
  • team available to assist you with choosing the best   solution
  • and customer satisfaction at the heart of our business

If you have any further questions, please contact our representative today.

Protective films for mirrors

Folia ochronna do luster

Protective film for mirrors, white or transparent in the form of a wide one-sided adhesive tape, is used for gluing the rear side of mirrors, for example, mounted in furniture, etc

Building protective films

Folie ochronne do płyt warstwowych, blachodachówki, profili aluminio

In order to protect the prepainted surfaces of your products during the various processing, storage, transport and assembly stages, protective film is the best solution against scratches...

Butyl tapes

Butyl tapes

Butyl tapes are one of the best commercially available sealants. We can use them for filling holes, damping or fixing and repairing damaged components.

Adhesive tapes

Taśmy klejące

Adhesive tapes for printing, packaging, specialty and masking are a comprehensive range of tapes addressed to retailers in retail and wholesale. Our adhesive tapes are of high quality...
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