Masking tapes are used in many branches of industry including building and construction sector and they  are also perfectly fit for household application. Masking tapes are a guarantee of clean lines and precise marking off area thanks to razor-sharp edges. They are friendly in use and will not leave the residue of glue after removal from the protected surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

We have two types of masking tapes in our offer (Our offer includes two types of masking tapes):

  • taśma malarska UV
  • UV Blue masking tape

The tape is available in the following width: 19 mm, 25 mm, 38 mm, 48 mm, 75 mm.

Paper masking tape

Paper masking tape for general purpose (masking tapes for painting/paint tapes) are used to paint  indoor surfaces. Available in white and yellow.

UV resistant paper masking tapes

UV resistant paper masking tapes are characterized by greater durability and resistance to higher temperatures and moisture thus can be used in painting works performed outside buildings, for example, building elevations among others.

Available in blue.


Masking Tapes - gallery

Masking Tapes

Protective films for mirrors

Folia ochronna do luster

Protective film for mirrors, white or transparent in the form of a wide one-sided adhesive tape, is used for gluing the rear side of mirrors, for example, mounted in furniture, etc

Building protective films

Folie ochronne do płyt warstwowych, blachodachówki, profili aluminio

In order to protect the prepainted surfaces of your products during the various processing, storage, transport and assembly stages, protective film is the best solution against scratches...

Butyl tapes

Butyl tapes

Butyl tapes are one of the best commercially available sealants. We can use them for filling holes, damping or fixing and repairing damaged components.

Adhesive tapes

Taśmy klejące

Adhesive tapes for printing, packaging, specialty and masking are a comprehensive range of tapes addressed to retailers in retail and wholesale. Our adhesive tapes are of high quality...
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