Printed tapes make a perfect combination of the most effective form of publicity and a perfect method of protecting your goods against unauthorized opening and damage during transit and storage. The graphic design of the print on the tape is prepared according to individual needs and preferences of the Client. You can print the tape with your logo, contact details, website address, catchphrase and other patterns. Selfadhesive printed tape is perfect for manual and automatic sealing of cardboard boxes and cases. The tape has great adhesive and endurable properties. Owing to ''Sandwich'' technique (the overprint is made on the foil before being covered with glue), the print is protected against rubbing out. The design can be preapared in different patterns and colours (overprint available in 8 colours).

The available width of tape: 24 mm, 36 mm, 48 mm, 72 mm, 96 mm, 144 mm


Printed tapes - Glue Akryl

Taśma z nadrukiem - Klej AkrylAdhesive tape with print-based acrylic adhesive emulsion. Characterized by good adhesive strength. The product is environmentally friendly as the production process does not endanger the environment so it is friendly to use. It can be used for sealing foil and small or medium weight cartons.


Printed tapes - Glue HotMelt

Taśma z nadrukiem - Klej HotMelt

HOT-MELT synthetic rubber adhesive tape is recommended for use in the temperature range of 10 ° C to + 45 ° C. It is characterized by high grip and elasticity. It has good adhesive properties and is resistant to the conditions of use. Due to its properties, the product is called a conveyor belt - glazed, transported, sliced. Can be used for sizing all types of carton and foil packaging.

Printed tapes - Glue Solvent

Taśma z nadrukiem - Klej SolventAdhesive tape with print-based natural rubber (SOLVENT) has the highest operating temperature range from -25°C to +65°C. Characterized by high adhesive strength, resistance to moisture and UV light. Due to the excellent properties of the adhesive, the tape may be used to seal various packages in the toughest conditions.


In the offer of adhesive tapes we also have:

  • Aluminum tapes
  • Tapes - filmanet, fiberglass tape to the control panel connector
  • Masking tapes 60 °
  • Blue masking tapes
  • 80 ° masking tapes for car painting
  • Strappingtape 50 or 80 microns - white, black, orange and blue


Printed tapes - gallery

Printed tapes

Printed tapes

Protective films for mirrors

Folia ochronna do luster

Protective film for mirrors, white or transparent in the form of a wide one-sided adhesive tape, is used for gluing the rear side of mirrors, for example, mounted in furniture, etc

Building protective films

Folie ochronne do płyt warstwowych, blachodachówki, profili aluminio

In order to protect the prepainted surfaces of your products during the various processing, storage, transport and assembly stages, protective film is the best solution against scratches...

Butyl tapes

Butyl tapes

Butyl tapes are one of the best commercially available sealants. We can use them for filling holes, damping or fixing and repairing damaged components.

Adhesive tapes

Taśmy klejące

Adhesive tapes for printing, packaging, specialty and masking are a comprehensive range of tapes addressed to retailers in retail and wholesale. Our adhesive tapes are of high quality...
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